Please find below a selection of testimonials and recommendations from people I have worked with, either in-house or on a consulting basis.*


“Melinda Earsdon is an excellent writer who delivers precise and to-the-point copy, unfailingly on time. Her previous career in marketing and communications means that she fully understands exactly what’s required for copy of a corporate nature, while her feature writing is always lively and her interviews always entertaining.”
Nick Goodyer, Editor, Sands Style – August 2011

“Melinda provided critical editorial support, writing countless profiles for the Hong Kong Superbrands (Volumes 1 and 2) and the Luxury Superbrands books. She managed a large portfolio of clients, ranging from leading blue chips to global financial institutions and the world’s most famous luxury brands, writing and editing their brand profiles, ensuring the clients were happy and their content was ready on time, no matter how tight the deadlines. Fast, reliable and fun to work with, she provided clean copy, on time, every time.”
Jonathan Jobson, Editor-in-Chief, Luxury Superbrands; Editor, Hong Kong Superbrands – October 2003

Marketing, PR and communications

“Melinda worked with me to develop a strategic marketing, PR and communications plan that not only helped raise awareness of the CfBT Education Centre in Singapore across a diverse range of audiences; it actually helped generate new revenue. After just one brief meeting to learn more about our business and objectives, and assess our existing activities, she quickly outlined our overarching strategy and developed tactical plans that spoke to each individual customer segment. Her strategic counsel was invaluable, and I’d recommend her to any business, small or large.”
Kari M Lawson, Director, CfBT Education Singapore  – March 2011

“Melinda is a delight to work with and very strategic in her thinking. She provided both great insights and tons of hard work to make things happen. Our marketing is vastly better for having her work with us. I miss her!”
Fermin Diez, Human Capital Business Leader, Asia Pacific Region, Mercer – 26 January 2011

“Melinda is a commercially driven marketing professional with a focus on business results. Having been based in both Hong Kong and Singapore, she has a keen understanding of Asia Pacific issues as well as a wide network of media contacts across the region.”
Garry Wang, Head of M&A Advisory Services, Greater China, Mercer 2 March 2011

“Melinda brings to bear a rare combination of excellent PR and marketing skills coupled with strong leadership qualities – an asset much needed to provide an impetus to the marketing function and the team in the region when she had joined. Her clear line of sight of the bigger picture and its alignment with the business always meant that the team was able to focus on the strategic much more than the tactical. I have always wondered how she has managed to be receptive to and be appreciative of the disparate cultural nuances of 11 different markets in Asia without letting go of the consistency required in our broader messaging and key themes. A wonderful person and a delight to work with indeed! On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank Melinda for her immense contribution in steering us through to this position of strength the Mercer brand enjoys in Asia today.”
Rahul Mudgal, India Marketing Manager, Mercer 27 January 2011

“I worked with Melinda on various occasions as she covered the Asia region in marketing. Melinda is very enthusiastic about marketing and very knowledgeable about the business landscape in the consulting field for the region. She has had regional responsibility for many years and lived for many years in the two regional hubs, Hong Kong and Singapore.”
Guo Xin, Managing Director, Greater China, Mercer1 February 2011

“Melinda is an experienced and effective marketing professional who works with both passion and energy. She has strong stakeholder engagement skills, and I found her work with my team [to be] invaluable. She worked with us to create a strategic marketing plan and then, through her team, supported us in implementing the plan. Melinda works with focus, bringing her considerable skills to deliver a quality outcome. Melinda also consistently demonstrates excellent leadership skills through her management of a diverse team and through her role as part of a global practice.”
Anne Stewart, Principal, Mercer – 26 January 2011

“At Mercer, Melinda has managed marketing for a huge, important, growing and culturally diverse region – Asia. At the time she joined, she had to define this newly created job and establish protocols and procedures, including financial reporting and measurement systems. In addition, she brought excellent people skills to the assignment. She had a relatively small group of direct reports and had to rely upon personal leadership to gain the respect of regional management, line of business executives and colleagues who were not direct reports. Under Melinda, Mercer has made great strides in its marketing initiatives in Asia.”
Charles Salmans, Partner, Mercer – 26 January 2011

“I worked with Melinda over a period of more than three years, and I can say that Melinda knows what she wants and why she wants it. She is one who does not hesitate to cut excesses and to drive her point across when she needs to. She is also very hands-on, exceptionally creative and open-minded. I found her insights and knowledge a very good resource, and it is my pleasure to partner with such a dynamic and innovative individual.”
Carrie Tan, Principal & APAC Indirect Sales & Marketing Leader, Mercer – 26 January 2011

“Melinda is methodical, persistent and very clear about her goals. She has a no-nonsense air about her, which is always reassuring to her team members … The job WILL get done. She is savvy in networking and brings great energy to her role and to her team. A supportive and mature manager who gives you the freedom to grow under her guidance, Mel is an excellent listener and open to new ideas and innovations. We have worked together on several communication initiatives, and I have found an excellent mentor and coach in her. She is an expert when it comes to brand building and communication initiatives, and there are tons a team working with her can imbibe from her. Her work is flawless, her vision unmatched. An astute marketing professional who understands the need for clear and focused communication without losing sight of the softer ‘people’ issues, Mel leads by example. I have seen very few leaders and managers of her calibre. It was a pleasure to be a part of Melinda’s team at Mercer.”
Abhilasha Padhy, Manager, Mercer – 22 March 2010

“Melinda is an extremely creative marketing and PR person. She always brought new and fresh perspectives to all projects. She is very quick to form strong business relationships and is extremely supportive of her team. The enthusiasm and energy she brings to the work that she does are motivating. She leads from the front, is a straight talker and is very detail-oriented, and these are the things that set her apart from other leaders. She built the Asia Pacific PR and marketing team at Hewitt, delivered great results, and created measurable brand impact.”
Chaiti Sen, Asia Pacific PR & Marketing Lead, Analytics Consulting at Hewitt, Hewitt Associates – 2 March 2010

“I worked with Melinda when she was regional marketing leader, Asia, at Hewitt Associates, based out of Hong Kong. Melinda has a can-do attitude and can find creative ways to stretch a marketing budget! She works tirelessly and passionately to accomplish her goals. And did I mention she’s a ton of fun?”
Gail Corvette, Asia-Pacific Sales & Marketing Leader, Hewitt Associates – 14 October 2009

“I have known Melinda since the late 1990s when she was still in Hong Kong. Melinda is tenacious and determined about everything that she does and also brings a note of levity to the world around her. Working with Melinda, one will stay in touch with the Big Picture and never lose one’s sense of humour. I highly recommend Melinda as a business partner.”
Charles Caldwell, Senior HR Director, Asia Pacific, Juniper Networks – 19 August 2010

“Melinda is one of the most results-oriented people I have ever worked with, and one of the most collaborative. It was a joy working with her on projects, because she was always open to new ideas and pushed you to do your best. To this day, Melinda has been one of my best mentors in the PR field. The lessons and tricks I learned from her are invaluable.”

Jihann Pedersen, Marketing Manager, Hewitt Associates – 9 April 2010

“Melinda’s insights, concepts, ability to think out of the box and perseverance are truly impressive. She is a person who has the courage to take the route less treaded, but most important, she knows what she is doing. An amazing person and an asset to any organisation.”
Tina Kashyap, Project Manager, Hewitt Associates – 2 March 2010

“I would rate Melinda as one of the finest professionals I have worked with. She has all the traits required to be successful in a marketing role: the ability to sell and present ideas persuasively, the presence required to deal with senior colleagues and clients, the business understanding and appreciation required to build a strong brand, the strong communication skills essential for consistent and periodic messaging, and (last but not least) the ability to [turn] a challenge into an opportunity. She supported my business extremely well and helped establish [it] as the number one business in Asia.”
Nishchae Suri, Global Principal, Hewitt Associates – 2 March 2010


*Please note: Job titles featured were correct at the time these recommendations were written; some individuals may have moved on from these roles since then.